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Soulspeak - Flux

Ran Music is proud to announce the release of Los-Angeles born Chinese-American electronic music producer Soulspeak’s new album “Flux”. The release is his first solo album since moving to China, a collection of seven tracks that span across a diverse array of styles including Breakbeat, Hip-Hop and abstract instrumentals, and represents a significant contribution to the Chinese underground music scene.

"Flux" is a vibrant work, an album that is both emotive and yet withdrawn. Compared to the August release of Soulspeak’s EP “Ghost Echoes” which featured two energetic, groove-driven singles, the other tracks featured on the new album reflect Soulspeak's taste for melody, rhythm and unique touch which he honed through his professional music training, combining creative sampling techniques and sound design. Densely layered rhythms and sexy, sultry bass lines beckon to the listener with intrigue, not unlike the discovery of a strange new entity in the recesses of the universe.


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