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SKNAIL - Live In China

SKNAIL & Yannick Barman - Live in China

Swiss glitch jazz act SKNAIL and trumpet player Yannick Barman, played 3 collaboration concerts in China in the summer of 2018. In January 2019, they are presenting their “Live In China” album with recordings from YuYinTang in Shanghai, Wuqiong Club in Xi’an and Dusk Dawn Club in Beijing, released on Beijing indie label Ran Music. 

SKNAIL is a glitch jazz project started by Swiss jazz guitarist Blaise Caillet, it aims to explore the Sci- Fi fusion of jazz and the dark side of modern electronic music. Listening to SKNAIL's music is like stepping into a mercurial soundscape where drums are replaced by subtle, finely-tuned scratches and digital malfunctions. Thanks to Blaise Caillet’s gifted production skills, they actually are made to sound beautiful, sitting perfectly at ease next to professional jazz musicians and their elegant experimentation. 

Yannick Barman who’s also from Switzerland, is a jazz and classical trumpet player as well as a electronic music producer, because of his delicate beats and ambient-sound background he gets invited to projects with Jazz and Classical musicians and tours around Europe, Asia and Africa. His electronic-acoustic show includes both visuals and music. He plays trumpet and computer accompanied by live electronic music. The compositions are realized from his trumpet's sounds, sampled and transformed, then added with electronic beats. The result is the extraction of new, potentially limitless sounds from the trumpet. 

SKNAIL and Yannick Barman’s “Live In China” album includes recordings of 10 tracks they performed together during their China tour, it continues the exploration of their pioneering avant-garde glitch jazz,This time, more than ever with the fusion of timbres and styles of the past and future, they are taking jazz to unexplored territories. 

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