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5th April 2018: Negative808 Live @ White Light White Tower 4Days Fest

White Light White Tower brand is launching in partnership with Yue Space a monthly showcase’s that will bring to the capital the most exciting new bands from allover the country and promote cooperation’s among independent labels. According to the team, the idea is to celebrate and champ the achievements of music scenes outside Beijing and with the cooperation’s create a diverse range of possibilities.

Day 3

White Light White Tower first steps outside the rock band circle, Ran Music's Negative808 will play along side two live electronic music group Ludy and Ambient Intelligence.


LUDY (AV 大久保) / Negatve808 / Ambient Intelligence


 2018-04-06  FRI  21:30


Ludy is the vocalist of the band AV OKUBO. Ludy is BOSS. Ludy is a FRIEND. Ludy make you DANCE.


Negative808 comes from the seaside in Xiamen. The warm and sunny beach in his hometown does not leave too much groove and melody on him. The rhythm in the blood is gradually being activated by underground scenes in the capital. After coming to Beijing, Negative808 gradually became a music content creator from a beat maker and started a underground music project called Freq with his friends.

Because of the omnivorous musical tastes, Negative808's early music creations were inspired by hip-hop, but then they began to spin off the BPM's shackles and explore more possibilities at 116. In his current personal creation, he will add different styles of music elements, from 60 BPM lo-fi hip-hop to 120 future beat, speedup dubstep, grime, juke, footwork, drum & bass, and Rhythmic techno music.

AmbientIntelligence is an electronic duo formed in late 2016 by Alan Ip and YanloChow. They have been deeply influenced by electronic musicwith synthesizers movement in early 80s.

Although the duo does not want to confine to any typeof music or genre,their music style is electronic and techno orientedwith lots of experimental and improvisational elements.

They believe in the chemistry and interaction betweenhuman, machine, environment andambient, and they aretrying to express whatever these interactions come out in terms of music.


50 RMB


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