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20th April 2018: Diva Li "Migration" EP Release Party @ Lantern Club

Line Up

Diva Li/Mickey Zhang/Kaize/Jackson Lee/

Event Info:

Time: 20th, April, 22:00

Ticket: 60

Venue: Lantern Club

ADD: 100m north to worker's stadium west gate

Beijing-based DJ/Electronic music producer Diva Li is releasing her latest EP “Migration” on Ran Music’s sub-label Ran Groove. This EP includes 5 original tracks ranging from Electronica to Dub Techno, all with Diva's distinctive style. Diva was inspired to make this EP a soundtrack about the magnificent fish migration phenomenon which occurs all across the oceans. On 20th April, she's throwing a release party at Beijing's lantern club together with Ran Music. Visual art supported by FIXTURE.


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