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Soulspeak & TTechmak - Love In The Land Of Robots

“ Love In The Land Of Robots” is the first collaboration between Beijing electronic music veteran Soulspeak (aka Kai-Luen ) and Shanghai-based Australian trumpet player/producer TTechmak (aka Toby Mak). These two outstanding instrumentalists and music producers envision a fantastic alternate world where humans and machines exist as two independent entities working alongside each other in order to explore new sounds.


In the summer of 2016, after 2 years of hard work, Soulspeak and TTechmak returned to their control stations, taking all of you hot-summer-night-insomniacs on a ride to this uncharted alternative universe. Rusty machines, mountains of ice cream,  two-headed dragons and drunken monks …. will be the scenery for this journey.  Love in the land of robots is where the search begins and this album gives a rainbow to those who want to build an alternative route out of this muggy urban rat race.

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