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Laughing Ears - Tidal Effect

Laughing Ears - Tidal Effect artwork dig

Shanghai-based female electronic music producer Laughing Ears is releasing her debut album “Tidal Effects” on Ran Music.  It includes 8 tracks featuring her signature dark and cyberpunk sound, with heavy suffocating subs, intensive footwork influenced beats, twisted growling basslines and mysterious cult-feel melodies. Laughing Ears delivers an epic of world-ending tidal effects using her extraordinary sound design technique.

Laughing Ears is a female electronic music producer who currently lives in Shanghai, China. Her music crosses genres which include Experimental, Ambient, Beats, Bass, Footwork and Noise. She treats sounds as building blocks and by layering and combining them, she builds stylized sound castles of her own. She uses vintage tapes and creates unique beats then processes them using modulated effects and granular synthesizers. She has several releases on Beijing-based label Ran Music and has been gaining recognition in the China electronic music scene ever since. She has been favored by many indie labels in China and has also been invited by NTS radio to play music for their program.

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