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J.R.G. - To Future Endeavors

J.R.G. - To Future Endeavors (artwork).p

Shanghai-based California house music producer J.R.G. has returned with his 2020 EP “To Future Endeavors” (RGV018) , this EP includes 5 Chill House tracks with J.R.G.’s unique west cost vibe, which will be released on Ran Groove, the sub-label of Beijing’s Ran Music.


“This EP was made to accomplish two things for the listener. To keep your body down on the dance floor while also carrying your spirit up to a higher place.  I like to keep the rhythms grounded and familiar by using standard gear like the 909 and simple percussion samples.  Nothing too fancy because I want to also give the music its space to lift the atmosphere of each song. For this EP, it’s the melodies’, lead’s and solos’ job to tell the vivid stories that your imagination can conjure up.  


When musical flourishes aren’t enough for the job, Credit Card comes on board to add her delicately sweet but slightly somber tone to the track What’s Next.  I’m very very thankful to have her contributions again.”  - J.R.G.  


All said, hit the dance floor, feel the music, and hope it can take you somewhere forward.

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