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J.R.G. - Land of Eternal Sunshine

RGV013 J.R.G. - Land of Eternal Sunshine

Shanghai-based California house music producer J.R.G. has returned with his 2019 EP “Land of Eternal Sunshine“ (RGV013) , this EP includes 6 Groovy / Chill House tracks with J.R.G.’s unique west cost vibe, which will be released on Ran Groove, the sub-label of Beijing’s Ran Music. 

As a well trained keyboardist and dance music producer, you can find J.R.G.’s fantastic keyboard playing across the EP. Beautiful chord progressions with underlying pads, dynamic human arpeggiators, swinging bass lines, and the wavy solo parts bring these organic summer hits to life。This EP is not only the sequel to J.R.G. ’s 2018 debut album “Plastic n Ivory” (RGV007), but also a symbol of his ever maturing personal music producing style. 

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