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HWA - Granular Line

RGV012-12 Front.jpg

Beijing-based techno producer HWA (aka ELVIS.T) is releasing his first 12" EP "Granular Line" on Ran Groove, the sub-label of Bejing's Ran Music. This EP has 2 Deep Pulsating Techno tracks included as well as one Droning Ambient track produced using his customized modular synth system. As one of the leading figures in China's techno music scene, HWA's left-field experimental sound design, delicate poly rhythmic beat groove, dark and twisted massive soundscapes and the full hardware workflow, have earned him a reputation across China's dance music scene. Granular Line is the crystallization of HWA's persistent efforts on using the modular synth to produce techno music, it is the new envelope of his techno sound aesthetic.

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