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Hielektromen - Alien Bubble Club​

Hielektromen - Alien Bubble Club.jpg

The most unique dance music live act from the capital of China, Hielektromen, are releasing their long-awaited debut EP on Ran Music’s sub-label Ran Groove this November. Just like the EP name “ Alien Bubble Club,'' says, this release keeps the black humor and retro flavor these Beijing Hai Dian natives always carry; Their groove is the space rocket, and their signature machine sound is the fuel that never runs out, taking all the passengers to the Alien Bubble club for a once-in-a-lifetime party.

This EP includes 7 dance floor hits Hielektromen have performed for the past 2 years. Classic house grooves, futuristic sound designs from modular synths, evil and trancy melody progressions, and an anti- Internet life attitude are mixed with musical elements from Synth Pop, Disco, Jackin, Soul, Minimal, Trance, and Indie Rock that have influenced different members of Hielektromen. These styles all meant to create the highest of moments on the dance floor.

Hielektromen was born in the spring of 2015. After more than ten years of musical journeying and collaborating as DJs together, Kaize and Demone started making their own synthy sounds.The band boasts some of Beijing’s most notorious underground names, all Haidian born and bred and well established in the scene. Demone, Kaize (Program and synths) , J.R.G. (Keyboard) and even now including MC DREAMINAH(Vocal). A whole host of musical influences come together here with the main elements being Funky, Deep, Acid and 80’s Alternative Rock. Despite any potential complications, Hielektromen insist on using full 100% analogue synths and drum machines to give crowds an authentic and high quality sound。

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