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DRANQ - Serpentine

DRANQ - Serpentine (3000) .jpg

Leipzig-based bass music producer DRANQ released a 12” EP “Serpentine” on Beijing record label Ran Music’s bass sub-label Ran Rad. This EP has included 5 tracks made by his DIY modular synth. DRANQ has combined classic acid and electro sound elements with contemporary low frequency sound design,  lively precise melody sequences are wrapped by the warm phat bass lines, deliver the most expected climax moment to the dance floor like an agile reptiles indicated by the EP title. “Serpentine” is the second vinyl release of Ran Rad, the artwork is made by German visual designer Superquiet, mastered and cut by the well respected Leipzig bass music scene veteran LXC.


Early influences of Jungle, Hip Hop and Hardcore merged into bass heavy gangster music for nerds. After growing up fascinated by recordings of late 90s UK club music, playing in bands and diving into the realms of experimental Hardcore, DRANQ got involved with Dubstep around 2007 and quickly rediscovered a long lost love for Hip Hop, beats and everything halftime. Putting together events and connecting with the local scene in Bremen manifested his interest in Breakcore and other 'off genres' and lead to first attempts in writing music outside of a band setting using a variety of aliases along the way.


Fast forward a bit and DRANQ's further musical development turned into a full on obsession with sound. Now residing in Leipzig he spent the last two years working on a body of music full time, bringing it all together with a DIY attitude, enthusiasm for weird hardware and a self made modular synth.


DRANQ's music is combining the feel of old breakdance records with a modern approach to experimental beats. An ongoing attempt to break ground between catchy and odd, wonky tape sound and the open ended possibilities of the laptop era.


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