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Diva Li - Migration

Beijing-based DJ/Electronic music producer Diva Li is releasing her latest EP “Migration” on Ran Music’s sub-label Ran Groove. This EP includes 5 original tracks ranging from Electronica to Dub Techno, all with Diva's distinctive style. Diva was inspired to make this EP a soundtrack about the magnificent fish migration phenomenon which occurs all across the oceans.


Fish migrate periodically and it is the evolutionary result of natural selection that took millions of years. At a special time every year, large hordes of fish will migrate thousands of miles through countless dangers and obstacles to return to their birthplace to spawn, finishing the life cycle defined in their DNA. This mysterious yet spectacular natural miracle inspired Diva Li to create “Migration.” She imagined herself as one among the hordes, to personally experience the migration ritual in the Atlantic Ocean: The curiosity of unknown waters, a narrow escape from death, the strong-to-the -end belief of being carried by the spice for so many years, and the enlightening moment when feeling the eternal and infinite power of mother nature. Diva Li’s 5 tracks, whether epic and high-spirited, or as dark and dangerous as the deepest ocean, with the intense ups and downs of the emotion, build up the grand imagery for this conceptual EP.

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