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Brizzli - Forecast

RAN024 Brizzli - Forecast.png

Italian born and China based Alessandro Pavanello is a multi-instrumentalist musician and producer, who built a reputation for himself in China’s electronic and live music scene. 

Brizzli is his first solo production project - a concept he had been nurturing for the past few years and which synthesizes all his dance oriented musical influences, while using a variety of sound sources: from drum machines and plug-ins, to guitars and synthesizers and blending them together in a raw, organic, and spacey sound texture. 


Out for boutique Chinese underground label Ran Music, his first release “Forecast” (RAN024)  is a collection of tracks about personal reflection, changes in life and reconnecting to nature - an introspective EP where deep vibes, organic textures and live instruments, meet in a blurry, yet atmospheric soundscape.

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