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Another Van - The Night Is Yours


Another Van, the label head of Ran Music’s sub-label Ran Groove, is releasing his debut EP “ The Night Is Yours” (RGV010-12) on his own label which includes 6 tracks ranging from Acid House to Minimal that he created between 2015-2017 in Beijing and Shanghai, performed and recorded all at once using his hardware live set-up. The immortal acid sound and minimalist groove are his forever loves. In 3 years the time, locations, and people kept changing, and all the memories of his life experiences are being mixed and melted into these 6 musical stories.


The EP name “The Night Is Yours” is inspired by a billboard which says “The World Is Yours” in the movie “Scarface”. Another Van believes that the night never belongs to anyone, the night is itself an eternal DJ, and this EP is full of tracks that touch you the most before sunrise.


This EP will also be released on 12” vinyl, the first vinyl release for Ran Groove and it will be distributed by legendary German label/ record store Kompakt in the spring of 2019

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