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An On Bast


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Over 10 years ago, An On Bast began her career with her debut album “Welcome Scissors” which helped her be picked from thousands of applicants to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy Melbourne Edition in 2006. 10 year later, she has become one of the deepest sound explorers of the Polish electronic music scene.

An On Bast's dynamic and energetic techno music has given her a passport to top underground clubs around Europe including Berghain and Watergate, as well as many electronic music festivals such as Sonar (Barcelona), Fusion (Germany), Piknic Electronik Melbourne (Australia) and more.

Her challenging approach to the research of the most high-powered sound combinations is the cornerstone of her live techno groove. She gradually abandoned the use of the laptop to experiment with pure freedom in her live set-up. She moves from the sampler to the drum machine, from the modular synth to effects showing a natural and confident connection with her machines while maintaining a perfect balance between them all.


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