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Ran Music is a record label based in Beijing, China. It was founded by mixing engineer/music producer Shen Li Jia and his business partner Tony Zhao at the beginning of 2015. The label is dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and for rising talents coming out of China.


Since Ran first began, more than 20 artists and performing acts have released music on the label, including several Chinese electronic music pioneers such as Soulspeak, HWA (aka ELVIS.T), Mickey Zhang and more.


In 2017, Ran Music launched their first sub-label Ran Groove, dedicated to showcasing the rising House/Techno producers that have been scouted all across China.


Ran is also one of the very few labels in the country that releases music on vinyl and continues to promote vinyl culture. In 2018, Ran Music’s releases were selected by legendary German techno label/distributor Kompakt to enter into their distribution system within Europe. Ran Music is working hard to gradually develop into one of the most recognized and respected indie labels in China.


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