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3He - Dimension Reduction

3He - Dimension Reduction.jpeg

At the last day of 2018, Ran Music brings you 3He’s second EP “Dimension Reduction”, which is the sequel to his debut EP release “Mirror Image” in summer. This EP has included 2 IDM tracks from him made with his lately assembled modular synth system.

Different from the pulsating rhythm and sci-fi movie sample treatment in “Mirror Image”, “Dimension Reduction” focused more on creating the psychedelic ambience. The two tracks are titled “Dimension Reduction” and “ Microexplosion”, which indicates more details and textures in smaller musical dimension. The voltage control modulation signal generated by analogue circuit is as precise as an automatic scalpel, creating the satisfying harmonic through all the music pieces. The perfect mirror image is destroyed by the chaotic rhythm, but still controlled by higher level orders, chaos is balanced within cosmos, that’s the essence of 3He’s IDM aesthetics.

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