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Ge Fei, who studied at Sichuan Conservatory Of Music in the 90s, was an active member of the early Chengdu (capital of Sichuan province in south-western China) rock music scene, he was involved in several bands such as Fu Yan, Airbag, Yao Bai Ren and others. He relocated himself to Beijing in 2006 as a record producer as well as music director of several major and indie labels.


In 2009, he founded Cao Tai Music together with famous Tai Pei song-writer Zhou Zhiping, dedicated to releasing music for indie musicians coming out of China. Today, Cao Tai has grown into one of the most influential indie labels in China.


Ge Fei is a big fan of Radiohead and Aphex Twin, he maintains a passion of exploring electronic music and audio technology, from the classic synthesizers, hardware samplers to the latest MIDI controller and Eurorack modular synths. He tries to combine multiple genres such as IDM, Techno, Ambient and Electronic into his own music production with both old and new technology.  



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